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Dec 29, 2021

Conversion Funnels To Improve Your PPC will show you the negative impact of single keyword advertising, and exactly what you can do about it. It also shows you which types of campaigns are most effective as well as the average cost per sale for each method.

It is a tool used by companies to track the data of customer absorption, conversion rates between stages of the sales funnel, and where they fall out. This is used for all marketing including pay-per-click. Part of these strategies includes identifying landmarks within the sales funnel to determine which stage your customers are in. 

It is a powerful business analysis tool for determining where prospects fall off the path to purchase. By analyzing your conversion funnel, you can pinpoint what pages or keywords on your site are sending highly qualified visitors further along in the buying cycle, and what actions throughout the customer journey are leading to leakage and lost revenue.

Simply put, Conversion Funnels can help you take full control over your marketing efforts, and improve your PPC by giving you the ability to directly track and compare all of your marketing activity. It allows you to set a number of goals for a visitor. For example, you could track their journey from the first page they view right through to them purchasing from you. This way, you can see where your visitors are dropping off and tailor your PPC campaigns accordingly.


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