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Sep 17, 2021

This episode will provide you with all the essential information you need to succeed bidding on Pay Per Click campaigns in Google Ads. You will learn how to implement flexible bid strategies, which include automatic dynamic and precise bid strategies, into your campaign and maximize your return on investment. Bid management is an essential part of PPC marketing. However, most people either don't pay for it or just set a strategic budget amount instead of deciding where to spend money based on performance metrics. Flexible bid strategies allow you to calculate bids based on maximum cost per acquisition (CPA) or target ROAS, so that you can determine what amount you should be spending. 

How can you use flexible bid strategies to your advantage in PPC? Learn how to get better results by running a campaign with three different bid strategies: Maximize, Target, and CPA. See an example of each strategy and learn how to adjust your bids based on the day of the week, location of the keyword, and amount spent. Do you want more conversions at any cost or do you want to lower costs while increasing the number of conversions?

Flexible bid strategies are a great way to maximize your Paid Search return on investment. By adjusting bids by keyword and device, advertisers can more accurately target a campaign's budget while also reducing wasteful spending.

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