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Nov 25, 2021

Multi-cloud management capabilities allow you to shift workloads to another cloud service provider, or bring resources back into the data center. The benefits include reduced latency by migrating workloads closer to users, as well as benefits such as on-demand capacity expansion and decreased hardware. It helps mitigate these issues and allows for one organization to oversee various cloud accounts from a single interface portfolio.

A flexible management solution that helps you select the right cloud for your business needs is just what you need to help keep IT simple. This multi-cloud management solution guides you through the myriad of cloud steps and decisions impacting your business and does it with an intelligent context-aware user experience. It uses automation, integration, policy control, and orchestration across all your clouds to help ensure compliance and better business continuity.

To keep their systems up to date, cloud management professionals must stay on top of changing trends.

More info about challenges and opportunities as well as provide tips for navigating them with success:

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