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SEO Podcast | Search Engine Optimization Podcast

Dec 31, 2020

In this episode, we explore further the world of SEO for law firms with a detailed discussion of link building services for lawyers and how link building helps lawyers maximize their website's exposure, gain new leads, more clients and grow new and established law firm practices. 

Mentioned in this episode: 

Dec 30, 2020

Why would you use second tier link building? Wouldn’t it be better to focus exclusively on first tier links?

Second tier link building comes with several advantages...


What did you like about this podcast episode? What would you change? What would you like us to talk about and learn in our next episode? 


Dec 29, 2020

In this episode, we explore one of the more competitive niches in online marketing: law firms. With some of the highest cost-per-click averages in any industry, gaining top organic positions in Google search for your law firm is predicated on several factors: 

--On site elements, including site speed


Dec 28, 2020

Second tier link building, the practice of building “second tier” links that feed your campaign by pointing to “first tier” links, is a powerful way to improve your results. But what exactly are second tier links? What is the value in second tier link building? And how can you structure your SEO campaign to...

Dec 25, 2020

SEO & link building for new startups is tough. It can take years to see any real gains and exposure. Performing SEO for startups is much different than performing enterprise SEO. The strategies and tactics are much more difficult to execute. 

Timing is the biggest issue. It takes a long time to rank. Mentioned in this...