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Sep 23, 2022

This means you'll need to create a short article that provides value to your visitors. It doesn't have to be lengthy; it's the quality of the content that counts. Having a Google Business listing for each of your locations will greatly improve your chances of getting traffic. Linking to your local listings from your location landing pages will help your site build authority in the search engines.

Building authority helps your website rank as well as your SEO. If you sell wool socks in Alaska, your main header could be, "We Make the Warmest Wool Socks in Alaska." Embed an interactive map on each location page. Using a VPN can alter search results by telling a browser the user is located somewhere they aren't. Take a photo of your staff at each location and put it on your location landing page.

Show your visitors that your business is run by real humans who care about customers. Use third-party tools like Trust Pilot and Yelp to show you are objective and transparent. Answering burning questions is a great way to get your location landing pages to rank. Use pay-per-click (PPC) ads to send traffic directly to your landing pages.

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