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Dec 31, 2021

Both play vastly different roles in website design. Both are CMS platforms that allow you to create websites without needing to write any code from scratch. Webflow is a design tool while WordPress is a blog platform with design capabilities. WordPress is a great, free way to set up a website, but in order to get distribution for your content, you have to have a domain name. Webflow is a good tool for creating good websites, but the service has been limited for users that don't want to pay or use their own domain. In today's post, we're going to compare the two services and talk about the differences along with talking about what sets each platform apart from the other.

Both are very powerful content management systems when it comes to web design. With the equal ability to create amazing websites, when choosing between these two CMSs, there are a few details that should be examined in order to make a well-informed decision. We provide two very different platforms for web creators to publish on. 

While they are fundamentally similar in that they are both web-based platforms that allow you to publish rich content, embed media, and create responsive designs - there are significant differences in the way you use the two tools. Webflow was built from the ground up as a powerful web design tool that has recently unveiled its cloud platform. WordPress, on the other hand, began as a blogging tool and has grown to include a solid website building application to cater to designers and developers.   


More info about what's the difference between WordPress and web flow:

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