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Dec 29, 2021

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Google Keyword Planner is a complete tutorial that teaches you how to use the Google keyword planner. It will save you hours of time by teaching you all of the best strategies for planning out your next step in getting more search engine traffic.

Unlike many other guides that you might find online, our step-by-step instructions were created by marketers who actually use the tool – we wrote this for ourselves. This means the instructions won’t just show you how to use the tool – they’ll give you real insights about which keywords your business should be targeting and strategies for improving your online marketing.

Our team is focused around providing the most accurate search data for our users, and originally we built a Chrome extension that enabled users to search Google directly from their browser. Building on our previous work, we have now created a new tool that simplifies your keyword discovery process from start to finish. The Step-by-Step Guide to Google Keyword Planner is a must have ebook for anyone looking to start a new business or who has run into difficulty in making money online with their existing sites. We strive to make online marketing easy, affordable and fun. That’s why we’ve come up with a detailed and easy-to-follow guide on using the Google Keyword Planner. 

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