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Jul 29, 2021

There are lots of different ways to increase the average order size on your eCommerce website. We looked at the research, combined it with our own experience, and came up with these strategies. We cover examples from various eCommerce stores where each of these strategies works well.

The ability to boost average order size (AOS) is a key component in driving revenue. Doing so increases the value of your customer relationships and provides greater opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling other products.

Doing this effectively requires knowing a few key figures, such as the number of customers who have placed an order, their average purchase size, and your margin on each product sold.

As a consumer, you know that on-time delivery is key. On-time delivery helps build customer trust and loyalty, driving repeat purchases and encouraging new buyers to use your business. Furthermore, it instills a sense of urgency for shoppers to place an order while it’s still in stock.

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