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Jun 28, 2021

Bottom of the funnel leads are prospects who have interacted with your brand before. By closing leads that originally contacted you on the bottom of your funnel, you create a customer that is invested, has purchased in the past and is considered part of your mainstream audience. Like all customers, these leads can provide insights into what they're looking for and how to meet their needs. Closing bottom of funnel leads can be challenging because once you've generated or re-engaged them on the phone, it's your job to prove to them why closing this sale will be beneficial.

At the end of a campaign or product launch, you should focus on leads who are not already customers. The bottom of the funnel is when a lead has shown some interest in your business but there's more work to do.

Bottom of the funnel leads are people that are actively researching your products or services. It is the part of the sales funnel where a prospect has yet to be disqualified by a sales rep and has yet to be prioritized with the right to speak with a sales engineer. Bottom of the funnel leads are often not ready to make a decision about purchasing, which means you have to differentiate yourself from the competition in order to close and retain them.

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