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Jun 25, 2021

Bottom of the funnel leads are the leads that enter your funnel through your web site, ad, marketing promotion, or event. Closing and retaining them as customers is vital to having a successful business.

What leads are at the bottom of the funnel?      The cream of the crop, or the low hanging fruit if you will. The bottom of the funnel or B.O.F., is where you have your highest quality leads because they've been with you for some time through a series of nurturing and educational programs designed to get them to a buying mindset.

Bottom of funnel leads are the future clients. These leads are hard to get since the sales cycles are usually long, but if you can acquire them, then you have the chance to retain them as customers. At the bottom of the funnel lies what I call the pipeline. It is your plan for success and it can achieve a lot of revenue. Your pipeline is where you place all downline salespeople into so that they can qualify and be placed on auto-shipment for all necessary products they use.

What you refer to as the "bottom of the funnel" are really leads on their way into the funnel. They have expressed interest in your product or service, but not yet found a solution that will work for them. The following video playlist gives you all the tools and examples you need to reach, engage, retain, and convert more bottom funnel leads as customers:

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