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Mar 29, 2021

Law firms have long been aware of the benefits paid search can offer: it’s quick, easy to set up and scales easily with a law firm’s growth. One downside is that managing PPC in-house can be time-consuming and even overwhelming for those who lack experience in this area.

Although there are many ways law firms can generate quality leads via digital marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) marketing remains one of the most effective. PPC marketing is particularly useful as a means of generating leads quickly and efficiently; it’s also low in cost when compared to other methods such as SEO or paid search engine listings. This type of internet advertising allows a law firm to reach prospective clients who have expressed specific interest in the firm’s services, often by typing keywords into Google that match those provided by the firm. 

PPC marketing is the most effective way to generate quality leads and with Google Adwords, you can target your law firm’s ideal prospects in mere seconds. By simply entering a few keywords relevant to your practice, you can find all different types of clients. Whether it be product liability attorneys or trusts & estates lawyers, they are probably out there on Google.

PPC for Law firms offers a wide scope of services (with competitive pricing) from campaign strategy consulting to reporting and analytics so that you know where your advertising dollars are going.

PPC Mistakes for Lawyers 

Early in your PPC journey, it’s important to have a clear picture of how you plan to use this marketing channel. You don’t want to start by building out images for every keyword – just good enough – when there are thousands! The first mistake is not making sure your landing page meets visitor expectations from the get go.

1. Trading CPC for a higher rankings, so that you can `cover the spread` with your results
2. Blindly copying keywords from relevant industries as they go un-qualified
3. Not tracking conversions correctly and collecting data on what is causing them to happen

It's vital that lawyers lead with their message: Why should anyone hire their firm? What sets them apart from competitors? Why does ppc matter, relative to other channels and audience segments?

What law firms fail to realize is that creating a successful campaign means using all of the tools in their arsenal...yet most lawyers treat PPC marketing as if it’s separate from their other channels. Too often, they are only interested in investing time and money into PPC marketing while neglecting SEO, content development or social media presence. Meanwhile, others get more aggressive with PPC-- too aggressive for their own good.

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