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Oct 27, 2022

Link building agencies offer a standard contract, but you should negotiate some elements of this contract. Consider these factors: Discounts and favors may be offered in return for being a loyal client.  It's important to examine the length or duration of the contract. You may be required to sign an NDA if you're utilizing a white-label solution. Most link builders will disclose these terms proactively, but it doesn't hurt to check first. Link building is best suited as part of a multifaceted, interwoven marketing strategy.

Don't put all your clients' eggs in one basket by relying solely on link building alone. Check your work at the end of each order or monthly submission. Errors can make it through the editorial process and wind up in the finished article. Data is the only way to tell if your campaign is working and the only objective source to tell you what needs to be improved. If your link builder is outstanding, they'll be able to generate a report for how many total links your client has to point to them.

The more traffic you get from a single link, the more valuable it becomes. Calculate your total SEO return on investment (ROI) as a middleman. If your client is paying for link-building services, you should know whether they're getting value for money. There's no reason to accept mediocre results from link-building outsourcing. Use these tips to help you decide if it's time to start outsourcing your clients' link-building needs.

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