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SEO Podcast | Search Engine Optimization Podcast

Sep 26, 2022

Organic search accounts for up to 53.3 percent of all web traffic. Organic traffic is one of the most valuable channels to capitalize on. There are industry-agnostic ways to grow organic traffic, and we cover how in our guide to content marketing. If your site has a 2% conversion rate and your average sale price is $150, increasing your organic traffic will increase your total revenue. 

Organic traffic is especially relevant for two main reasons: It's relevant, and it's (somewhat) within your control. Link building, often with the help of offsite content, allows you to earn and construct links pointing back to your domain. It's also a way to generate referral traffic. The higher you rank, the better, with diminishing returns the further you are from the top. Organic traffic reliably increases as you increase in rankings, regardless of which terms you're targeting or what your pages are. 

Google Analytics offers an immediate way to track organic traffic for your site across a number of dimensions. The simplest solution is Google Analytics, and it's free and intuitive. Organic traffic can tell you if the mechanics of your SEO campaign are working, but it doesn't necessarily predict ROI. A good SEO campaign will use offsite content generation, link building, and social media promotion as routes for SEO development. They are all worth considering, even if they yield less traffic than organic channels.

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