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Apr 29, 2022

Google and Facebook each have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's up to you and the nature of your content to decide which is best. With that said, brands can pay to boost their content's reach to their fans, and it's relatively inexpensive as far as paid ads go. You can create a series that keeps some concept, idea, or format consistent across multiple posts. Each new post adds value to the ones that came before it and all the posts that will come after it. Revisiting an older piece with a new analysis is a great way to hearken back to your older material.

Creating your content (perhaps with a content writing service for SEO) in a new medium allows you to target new audiences. Transforming volumes of data into a single, digestible image demands significant imagination and work. If you have a video interview, for example, consider offering it as an MP3 file on your website. While you're using PowerPoint, create a webinar. After you've created a slide deck, post it to Slideshare for further reach. You can also convert Word documents to PDF files natively.

Anthologizing is the process of bringing together multiple posts to form a single unit. There are two main options for doing this: eBook creation, or "Greatest Hits" style anthologies. For example, let's say you've written a series of blog posts about the sales cycle. There are so many options for content promotion and support that it's virtually impossible to use all of them to support your strategy. Instead, try to specialize in a handful that seems to have the greatest impact on your brand. S.E.O resellers also provide white-label reseller support for online marketing campaigns and outreach.

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