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Sep 16, 2020

What you don’t know really can hurt you. I can’t think of any content marketers out there who are knowingly sabotaging their own work by intentionally disobeying best practices, yet bad content and seemingly obvious mistakes abound in both onsite and offsite material.

The only conclusion I can form is that these writers and creators don’t know what they’re doing wrong—and this effect is made greater by the likelihood that they’re seeing a handful of positive effects from their work.

The more you learn about content marketing, and the more aware you are of your own mistakes, the better your content can become. Even if it’s just a tweak here or a tweak there, these adjustments can eventually mean a much higher traffic volume and a much greater reputation in your community.

As you continue to advance your content marketing campaign, stay wary of these seven common content mistakes:

Mentioned in Today’s Episode:

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